About Us

This company is founded on Passion.

The founders of the company, Our Principal Consultant and his wife, are a couple whose ordinary life had been transformed by Chinese Metaphysics. They experienced the power of the ancient knowledge first-hand in their life and would like to share their expertise, knowledge and passion in the field to other. 

Years ago, our Principal Consultant (Xiao Zhou) and his wife (Xiao Zhou Tai) was introduced to Chinese Metaphysics by a friend who seeks to loan their house to practice Fengshui Audit. The simple audit session awed both of them when the friend is able to read information from the audit session that was not mentioned to him. Out of curiosity, Xiao Zhou went on to study the basic of Chinese Metaphysics.

During one of the sharing sessions with his peers, he got to learn about a Fengshui method to boost the chance of pregnancy. They thought that since they had been trying for baby for 4 years and was to no avail, they decided to apply the method to give it a try.

Viola! Xiao Zhou Tai was pregnant 1 month later.

That's when the story start...

1st month into the pregnancy, Xiao Zhou Tai was having bleeding and needed injection twice a week. The private gynae was helpless and keep consoling her that there is nothing he can do, except for her to rest as much as possible.

They were both terribly upset and worry. It was then, they recalled that during a practicum Fengshui audit session in their house earlier on, his peers had commented about this before. The peers had mentioned that the Fengshui of the house will have concern the moment they become parent, which they had brushed off initially.

With that in mind, Xiao Zhou seek help from his peers who reminded him that he should use his own knowledge to help in situation like this. He then proceeded to apply his knowledge and remedied the situation. However, there is still some areas that couldn't be remedied due to the fixture like feature wall etc, which needed renovation. Still, they did the best they can.

And indeed, the bleeding situation improved. However, 3rd month into the pregnancy, just when they thought that things are better, the gynae informed them of another bad news that Xiao Zhou Tai might not be able to keep the baby as the baby have a high chance of early delivery (miscarriage or pre-term baby).

Hence, Xiao Zhou Tai went back to being bed-ridden with slight elevation on her lower body. At the start of the 2nd trimester, the private gynae told Xiao Zhou Tai to go to public hospital due to her condition. And Xiao Zhou secretly Fengshui-ed her hospital bed, trying all that they could.

Luckily, she managed to hang on till around 30 weeks and desperately wanted to get home instead of staying in hospital any further. That's when they decided to take a drastic step of moving out of their own house. They left their own house empty and when to rent another place to stay temporary. Of course, the rented place is Fengshui-ed too.

The pregnancy was much more stable after they had moved into their new place. She will never forget what the private gynae said to her when she gave him a phone call to say that she has been discharged and asked if he can help her to deliver. He was so shocked that she managed to carry the baby to term!

These experiences and encounters led Xiao Zhou Tai to be a believer too and a supporter to Xiao Zhou's passion in Chinese Metaphysics. 

They founded this company as they truly believe that this art is able to benefit others and they would like to share their expertise, knowledge and passion in the field to bring about a better quality of life to others.