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Fengshui Analysis
Our home and external environment orchestrate every single
opportunity that we have, shape our behaviors, habits and emotions,
and ultimately influence how we live our life through the decisions
that we made. By choosing the right house and external environment,
we can turn the odds in our favor and unlock unlimited potential.


Destiny Awakening
Our greatest gifts in life are all encoded in our Personal Blueprint called
BAZI (八字). To unlock these hidden gems, we must first be aware of
what these gifts are. Through awareness and deliberate process of
talent developments, we can awaken our destiny and hidden talents to
make major transformation in our life.


Strategic Engineering
Our success in our endeavors is largely depends on the decisions that
we made. These decisions, good or bad, are influenced by time, space
and people. The spectrum of the outcomes heavily relies on the right
timing, right place and right group of people. When these three factors
synchronise and compatible with our activity, we can achieve immense
success. Everyone is unique. The selection of time, date, place and
people compatible to individual will be unique too. By making these
strategic moves through deliberate pre-planning, analysis and
execution, the desired outcomes can be engineered, turning the odds
in your favor.

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