What is Destiny Awakening?


As early as over 5,000 years ago in ancient China, there exists an ancient art to decode one’s destiny solely based on the time, place and date of birth. It is way before genetics and DNA even started. This ancient art is based on the exact time of birth as the critical piece of information to chart out the eight characters (BAZI) in specific grid formation. The combinations and interactions between these characters tell us the different aspects of the person from health, career, relationship, family to personality and character. This is commonly known as BAZI, or Four Pillars of Destiny. The BAZI formation tells your life potential, like a blueprint of your life’s journey. In the early days, this was used for prediction and fortune-telling on how one’s life would turn out to be. Today in modern days, BAZI is used for consultation on one’s aspiration, career, strengths, wealth potential, marriage and luck analysis.

Essentially, BAZI is just like our unique Identity Blueprint or instruction manual. It tells you who you are, how you behave, your gifts, potential, talents, strengths, weaknesses and personalities… all these can be decoded through detailed reading of BAZI. For some, knowing potential opportunities or hidden ones, and possible obstructions or threats are equally important. These can be uncovered in BAZI as well. You may not be aware of these things as well. Isn’t this cool?

To date, BAZI, or Four Pillars of Destiny continues to be widely debated and analysed by different schools of thoughts and different techniques. While the approach and techniques may differ, the concept of deriving the four pillars and determining useful gods, favourable and unfavourable gobs remain largely the same.

In our consultancy services, we consciously and diligently apply the principles of YIJING in the comprehensive analysis of Fengshui(风水), Bazi (八字) and Divination (预知). These three aspects form the Trinity of Life: Heaven-Earth-Man (天-地-人). Heaven dictates the time of birth encoded in your Bazi, Earth dictates the environmental and spatial influence and Man defines events, actions and societal sphere of influence.

We adopt the principles of YIJING to uncover your destiny and talents in your BAZI chart, coupled with the unbiased and objection application of universal laws and patterns. In layman terms, this ancient art developed by our ancestors through long period of observations of nature and human laws is able to pinpoint and tell one’s life and eventualities, in accordance to the laws of the Universe.

Isn’t this AMAZING? Just by using the time and date of birth alone, we are able to decode almost every aspect of our life and our destiny!

Wouldn’t it be MIND-BLOWING to know yourself, your loved ones and your destiny, and be more prepared to embrace what the future has installed for you?

Through the application of Destiny Awakening, it allows you to undergo a life-changing transformation with stronger sense of self-awareness about you and the things that matter to you, as well as your greatest gift and talents, waiting for you to awaken it and tap into ocean of unlimited opportunity.


  • Discover your new found strengths and uncover your hidden potential and talents.
  • Awaken your gifts and talents
  • Embrace your destiny and know what you need to do best.
  • Understand the best way to achieve life goals (including financial success).
  • Transform your life like never before by taking positive steps to create your future.
  • Improve your relationship and connection with your loved ones and people you care.


  • Want to know which industry should you be working in
  • Want to know if you have the talents and capabilities to start a business
  • Want to know how you can acquire and accumulate wealth
  • Want to know when will my peach blossom(桃花) come
  • Desire for business and investment opportunities
  • Desire for improvement for career growth and job promotion
  • Desire for better health and personal well-being
  • Desire for more harmonious relationship
  • Desire to resolve long standing issues (personal and family)