What is Fengshui?

During the time of ancient China, there has been long periods of studies and validation on the interactions between surrounding environment and people. The study of these invisible influence of external environment on people is broadly covered under Feng Shui (literally translated as wind and water). 

In simple terms, it is the study of both environmental forces in the form of Qi (the wind component) and the dynamic flow and interaction of Qi (the water component) on people. 

In ancient context, these influences can come in different forms such as man-made structures (e.g. bridges, walls, roads, houses) and natural phenomena (e.g. river, mountains). Knowingly or unknowingly, our personal endeavour, personality, pursue of the material gains, health, and relationship with people around us are intimately intertwined and influenced by these external environment. 

So how does this apply for modern age of high-rise apartment, condominium and landed property in highly urbanised country like Singapore?

Thankfully, this very ancient Chinese arts on Feng Shui, YIJING (易经) , left behind by our Chinese ancestors is highly adaptable and applicable across time and space. YIJING, commonly known as The Book of Change or I-Ching, in its early days (over 4,000 years ago) was primarily used for divination. But its influence and applicability in multiple disciplines have impacted diverse fields such as Philosophy, Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Literature, Science, Governance, People Management and many others. There is no short of reason why YIJING is the Chief of all ancient books (群经之首) and source of The Way (Dao) (大道之源). 

YIJING is based on the unbiased and objective applications of universal rules (or natural laws) that govern the entire ecosystems of nature, environment and life forms (plants, animals and humans). So, Feng Shui is just one of the many other applications that I have used to help our clients.

In our consultancy services, we consciously and diligently apply the principles of YIJING in the comprehensive analysis of Fengshui(风水), Bazi (八字) and Divination (预知). These three aspects form the Trinity of Life: Heaven-Earth-Man (天-地-人).  Heaven dictates the time of birth encoded in your Bazi, Earthdictates the environmental and spatial influence and Man defines events, actions and societal sphere of influence. 

Interestingly, many of us (subconsciously) choose the environment and house that we can be in sync with, comfortable with, and best suits our very own personality and preferences. However, the house may not always be the ‘right’ one for us.

Changing house or switching job frequently does really give you a change of environment. But, soon you will find out that you are back in the same old situation as before. Has this happened to you or your friend? You must be wondering why? Because they have chosen the ‘same environment’ that they like and in-tune with their ‘mental model’. Isn’t this SHOCKING?

Through the application of Trinity of Life, it allows you to create remarkable transformation in almost all areas of your life and turn the odds of life towards your favour into ocean of unlimited opportunity.


  • Understand the impact of living environment on yourself and your family through Fengshui Analysis.
  • Maximise the full potential and strengths of living environment to purse your goals.
  • Address any teething issues and health concerns that might have bugged you for years.
  • Leverage on great opportunities in the upcoming years.
  • Gain an unfair advantage and head start in your life
  • Create a harmonious, healthy and prosperous relationship you and your family.
  • Appreciate the general luck outlook


  • Desire for business and investment opportunities
  • Desire for improvement for career growth and job promotion
  • Desire for better health and personal well-being
  • Desire for more harmonious relationship
  • Family members constantly falling sick
  • Stagnant career growth
  • Relationship problems amongst family members
  • Constantly in financial woes