What is Strategic Engineering?

We make many decisions everyday. There are times that we make major decisions that could be life changing. We want to be certain that the decisions made are favourable to us. 

Thankfully, our Chinese ancestors left behind an ancient arts called YIJING, commonly known as The Book of Change or I-Ching. It is commonly used for divination (预知) or to do forecasting of an event. YIJING can also be applied in other disciplines such as Philosophy, Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Literature, Science, Governance, People Management and many others. There is no short of reason why YIJING is the Chief of all ancient books (群经之首) and source of The Way (Dao) (大道之源). 

In our consultancy services, we consciously and diligently apply the principles of YIJING in the comprehensive analysis of Fengshui (风水), Bazi (八字) and Divination (预知). These three aspects form the Trinity of Life: Heaven-Earth-Man (天-地-人).  Heaven dictates the time of birth encoded in your Bazi, Earth dictates the environmental and spatial influence and Man defines events, actions and societal sphere of influence. 

Back to Divination, through YIJING, we can tell the current favourable and unfavourable situations, the likely path on how the event will unfold and the eventual outcomes. With these information, you can decide if certain decision is worth taking. Even if the outcomes may be undesirable, there are also ways to engineer a favourable outcome, which we called it “Strategic Engineering”.

There are other exciting applications as well. You can also select highly auspicious handphone number and vehicle plate number to harness the good energies to assist in one's career and business.