Fengshui Audit (Residential Unit)

Fengshui Audit (Residential Unit)

  • $588.00

For Residential Fengshui Audit is best for client who have purchased the property and intend to improve on their existing environment. We will be able to provide you with the right advice.

The engagement fees are dependent on the property type for client located in Singapore. 

Residential Fengshui Audit, the Package includes:

  1. Pre-audit consultation (30 minutes)
  2. Actual on-site audit (2 to 3 hours)
  3. Recommendation on House Design Planning (Allocation of item)
  4. Recommendation of Room Allocation for family members (up to 4 pax)
  5. Written Report on the House Audit
  6. Complimentary post-move-in audit (30 minutes)
  7. Complimentary Date Selection (Commencement of House Renovation)
  8. Complimentary Date Selection (Moving In)
 Residential (HDB Flat)
HDB Flat - 3 Rm $588
HDB Flat - 4 Rm $688
HDB Flat - 5 Rm $788

HDB Flat - Others (Jumbo/EA etc)

(Depends on Sq.Ft)

Min $888

(SGD $0.80 psf)

 *Option to top up $288 for Unit Selection (Up to 2 locations)

 Residential (Condominium - EC/Private)
Condo - 1 to 2 Rm (Depends on Sq.Ft)

Min $588

(SGD $1.15 psf)

Condo - 3 Rm and above (Depends on Sq.Ft)

Min $688

(SGD $1.15 psf)

Condo - Others (Penthouse/Cluster House)

(Depends on Sq.Ft)

Min $1188

(SGD $1.15 psf)

 *Option to top up $388 for Unit Selection (Up to 2 locations)

 Residential (Landed Property)
Landed - Depends on Sq.Ft

Min $1688

(SGD $1.20 psf)

 *Option to top up $488 for Unit Selection (Up to 2 locations)


Important Note

  • For clients whose Pricing depends on psf, the minimum charges will serve as a deposit. Balance of payment will be payable on the Pre-audit consultation.
  • Upon receipt of payment, our staff will contact you within 3 business day for further information before we can proceed with the arrangement.
  • Report delivery in 10 business day upon the Onsite Audit.

Our Promise:

All discussion and consultation are strictly kept confidential with the clients. Be assured that our company respect our client privacy.